The 3 Pillars of A Leading Rock-Solid ecommerce Hosting Provider

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Ecommerce has emerged as one of the most prominent ways of promoting your products and services online to an international clientele. And that is the reason why you see so many online stores on the World Wide Web selling everything ranging from personalized mugs to designer T-shirts and what not.

Often, many budding entrepreneurs are  left dazed as to which ecommerce hosting providers to hire; especially since there are so many of them out there. But, not many of you realize that there is actually a way to figure out the absolute best of the lot. And all you have to do is to watch out for what I call—‘The 3 Pillars.’

The 3 Pillars is basically nothing but a set of 3 questions that you need to ask any ecommerce hosting provider prior to hiring their services. Let’s start with the very first one…

Will I need to setup anything or is it automated?

Since it’s not necessary that each one of us has to be tech-savvy, or might have some budget constraints; therefore, this is a good question to ask. There are top level ecommerce hosting providers out there who can help you create your very own store without you having to do anything at all. Not only do they setup the website for you; but they also take care of the necessary software upgrades. This leaves you free to actually concentrate on expanding your store and clientele, rather than trying to figure out how to get things going in the first place.

Is backup an option or is it a part of the plan?

Having a robust backup plan in place is critical for any business; more so, in the case of an ecommerce website. The internet is unpredictable and a simple glitch here and there could result in the loss of a lot of critical information. And therefore, you need to make sure that automatic backing up of your data is a part of the plan and not something that you have to opt-in for. So, it’s imperative to make sure that all that business critical information of yours will be safe, and won’t get wiped out just in case something goes wrong.

Are there any Hidden Fees?

It’s important you know about all the charges that you would incur to avoid any last-minute surprises. So enquire about any hidden fees and make sure that you are not being overcharged.  This is particularly important for people who are on a tight budget.

Ask these 3 questions to any ecommerce hosting provider and I am sure that you will be able to dig out the one that is best suited to your requirements. After all, you wouldn’t want to regret later for not spending enough time deciding which provider to hire. And be rest assured, that there are some really great service providers out there; all it takes is a bit of introspection.

Vikas ghodke, 25 Male from india, now working as freelance web designer. You can follow him on twitter @acrisdesign

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