Design Cool and Simple Wallpaper in 10 Minutes

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Here we are going to design a cool and simple wallpaper in just 10 minutes and 10 Steps.


This one is my first photoshop tutorial and am also not an english native. So my english was not that good but hope you will understand my tutorial.

Step 1

First of all create a new document with size 1600 x 900 ( i want to use this image as my desktop wallpaper ).

new document

Step 2

Now double click the layer to unlock it.


Step 3

Now i have downloaded one image from deviant art, get one for you


Step 4

Now using Paint Bucket Tool paint the background with black color and then go to Filter > Render > Difference clouds then you will get some thing like this


Step 5

Now go to Filter < Render < Lighting effect and apply the setting as shown in figure below

lighting effect

Then you will get something like the image below

Step 6

Now cut the boy which we have in step 3 and then paste it over the above image and then go to blending option then Blend Mode to Multiply and apply the setting shown in image below

After applying the above settings you will get something like this

Step 7

Now create a new layer, Select Ellipse tool and create one circle and apply the setting shown below

so you will get something like this

Step 8

Now get one Metal Rust Texture and cut similar size cirlce from it and then keep that on the layer of cirlce and then set the blend mode to OVERLAY. See Result

Step 9

Now download Light Effect Brush from Here. Create new layer and draw something like this using light effect brush. Apply this below setting

Now go to Free Transfrom then right click and select Wrap and make this effect something like this.. Check the image below for reference

Step 10

Now using Eraser Tool Erase some portion of light effect to get Final Result
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Vikas ghodke, 25 Male from india, now working as freelance web designer. You can follow him on twitter @acrisdesign


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  3. Excellent tutorial, thanks for the share.

  4. Well, not so cool, pretty amateur instead.

    Good work anyways.

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  6. Vikas Ghodke

    Thank you ozzysong for your reply.. i just started working on photoshop since last 1 month and i need some comments like you to improve myself..

    thank you

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  8. Awesome tutorial, big thanks for share!

  9. I think the lighting could have been better.

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  11. coresnack

    title says cool but it ain’t

  12. @Vikas / Ozzysong – When I look at this a couple things are noticeable. First, punching out the photo from the background has left a halo. There are methods to get better at this. But for starters, blur the edges a little. Second thing, the lighting is a too much. I notice the glow on the globe is too extreme, it seems very fake and not very interesting. Lastly, details are important. Good job using texture on the globe to make it more complex. But if you make it smaller, and add textures to the other elements of the page, it will add some depth to the image.

    Basically, I know your whole tutorial was about being QUICK. Just remember that 99% of the wallpaper out there is successful because of its complexity and beauty. Even good simple designs are well thought out.

    Great first start though, and welcome to the world of Photoshop.

  13. Yup I agree with that the lighting could have been better. Thanks for sharing anyways.

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  15. [...] Design Cool and Simple Wallpaper in 10 Minutes [...]

  16. Hey that was a really nice post… I work in a website designing company and appreciate it a lot…

  17. DEEPA


  18. Nice blog,thanks for sharing the blog.

  19. Not exactly nice but good for beginners. Learn how to work with layers and basic effects.

  20. wow nice thank you

  21. Very interesting information! I really like this.

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